Natural Beauty

Natural Beauty

Natural Beauty

Dear Dr. Terri K: I notice you have been doing a lot of beauty-related events lately. Do you have any natural beauty tips you can share? – SANDY, New York

Sandy: First, thank you staying up with our events! Here are some suggestions I shared from the recent event for W Magazine and Clarins Beauty:

  • Choose Premium FuelEat variety in season. Avoid processed foods and saturated fats. Include: Protein – legumes, poultry, eggs, sunflower seeds; Antioxidants – berries, oranges, kale, purple cabbage; Essential Fats – salmon, almonds, walnuts, flaxseed; Calcium – green leafy vegetables, molasses, yogurt; and The A, B, Cs – carrots, whole grains, tomatoes.
  • Hydrate your Cells – Drink a minimum of eight 8 oz. glasses of pure water a day. Water clears the system of all toxins and keeps the blood free from impurities.
  • Make Sleep Sacred – Develop a sleep ritual. Get at least 7.5 hours of uninterrupted sleep. Stay away from caffeine, nicotine and alcohol at 4 – 6 hours before bed.
  • Proactively Manage Stress – Practice deep, diaphragmatic breathing. Take time for self-care. Combine exercise with play. Calm the mind with meditation and yoga.
  • Be Yourself – Real beauty celebrates individuality. Take time to discover your authentic Self. When you feel good about yourself, you will project your own inner light.

    It’s been said that, “People are like stained-glass windows – the true beauty can be seen only when there is light from within.” Today, let the light of your soul shine through. Then, you will truly be beautiful!

    - T

    Contributed by Teresa Kay-Aba Kennedy, Ph.D., MBA.

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