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Power Living

Power Living® is a coaching and consulting company focused on releasing human potential around the world. We believe that’s the solution to all of our big challenges from the globalization of chronic disease and poverty alleviation to creating a more sustainable world. Through personal empowerment, mindful leadership and collaboration, we can find solutions. It starts with you. Our training, coaching and consulting services can help you think differently, act purposely and reach your your highest potential, and we can train your team to do the same. We believe that in order to lead others, you must first be a leader in your own life. Therefore, we offer an integrated suite of both personal and professional development – from stress management and nutrition to communication and leadership. We are also on the cutting-edge of public-private partnerships, corporate citizenship and sustainability trends and can help your business do good.

As a philosophy, Power Living® is knowing who you are and what you value and then organizing your life around it – what you do for work, who you choose to love, when and what you eat, how you communicate with yourself and others, etc. It is about “specificity” – being specific about your thoughts, words and actions. It is living on Purpose, not just with purpose, allowing you to uncover and release your innate power. More specifically, we help individuals, businesses and communities make purposeful choices that create long-term sustainability – so you can achieve true PWR: Purpose With Results. The personal development system was created by Teresa Kay-Aba Kennedy – a Harvard MBA who grew up with yoga, meditation and holistic health. Learn more about the philosophy and principles that inform our process.

The intention for this Power Living® blog is to provide inspiration and information to help you transform yourself and the world around you. We want to give you a glimpse into the living practice of Power Living and to build a community of people who truly want to change the world. Share your voice and become a New World PWR Broker!

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