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The Alchemist

The Alchemist

BOOK: The Alchemist, by Paulo Coelho – This enchanting story about a shepherd boy’s travels in search of a buried treasure can uncover the treasure within you! It is powerful in its simplicity and a very easy read. This is one of the books I give new clients to spark their minds and hearts.

The Power of… NO!

Transform your Life

NO. Have you ever agreed to do something you really didn’t want or have time to do? Have you ever said “No” to something that seemed like an opportunity to other people, but just didn’t “feel” right for you? How do you respond when you are told “No”? There’s a funny thing about this simple two-letter word. It is a word we’ve all used and we’ve all heard before. When it’s said to you, you may not like it very much; when you say it, it can be quite liberating. Sometimes the word is open for interpretation; other times, it is absolute. For example, when making a sales call, “No” may very well mean, “Not right now.” However, when asking for a romantic date, “No” most likely means “NO!”