Your Own Beat

Last night I had the pleasure once again of seeing the Jazz at Lincoln Center Orchestra with Wynton Marsalis. This time I was at Rose Hall and had my mom and nephew with me. The show was “Tap Meets Flamenco.” Along with the JALC group, it featured the Chano Dominguez Flamenco Jazz Ensemble, as well as two young tap dancers, Jared Grimes and Dewitt Fleming, Jr.

With the combination of jazz, flamenco and tap, the performance was absolutely electric! Tomas Moreno “Tomasito”, the dancer from the Flamenco Jazz Ensemble, and Blas Cordoba “Kejio”, the singer, took us directly to Spain. The composer and pianist, Chano Dominguez, invited us to hear a host of new rhythms. The interplay between Chano and Dan Nimmer – JALC pianist – was fantastic. The young tap dancers even had my nephew fully engaged. Wynton – who is always brilliant – was also in rare form.

We were able to say hello after the show. That topped off a beautiful evening to have my mom connect with Wynton again and to see my nephew chat with him for the first time. When I asked Daniel how the evening went, he said “Great!” with glowing enthusiasm. I think he has a new (and wonderful) role model! View the pictures from the evening in our friends & family photo gallery.

The performance reminded me of the democracy in jazz. The muscians must listen to each other and be fully Present in order to respond with integrity. The show was also a perfect showcase of authenticity at work. I could feel the joy in each and every one of the artists as they offered their gifts to us in the audience. It was very clear that they had each found their Purpose.

Have you found your own beat? That is what is required to live an authentic life – to listen to your own heart and follow your own pulse. As George R. Harrison said:

In the long run, digging for truth has always proved not only more interesting but more profitable than digging for gold.

With Purpose & Power,