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The Power of… ZERO

Purposeful Living

ZERO. Is the presence of nothing different from the absence of something? Does the term “ground zero” mean the beginning or the end? Are you comfortable with empty space? Zero is both a number and a concept. Many historians state that the introduction of zero was the most significant achievement in the development of our counting system because it made calculation with large numbers feasible. The inclusion of zero introduced negative numbers and opened up a new world of mathematics, astronomy, physics, chemistry and business.

The Power of… KINDNESS

Acts of Kindness

KINDNESS. Is your outlook one of compassion or indifference? How often do you perform intentional acts of kindness? Are you a considerate person? Do you show love every day to those who love you? With the calamities of recent times, we have witnessed ordinary people perform extraordinary acts of heroism.

We’re All Winners

What a cosmically auspicious day! The number 8 is a lucky number to millions around the world. Numerologists say eight is known as the “great balancer.” To the Chinese, the number 8 is extremely lucky. Eight in Mandarin is “ba,” which sounds similar to the Mandarin word for prosperity or wealth. In Cantonese, eight is…

The Way

The Tao Te Ching is one of my favorite resource books. The statements are short, yet profound. Today, when I opened the book up, it landed on Tao#44. I go to this one often as evidenced by the hot pink post-it note on the edge of the page. This is my offering to you this…