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The Power of… MEDITATION

Meditation in Nature

MEDITATION. Are you familiar with peace? Are your responses to challenging situations controlled or reactive? Could you benefit from greater focus, concentration and awareness? When people find out that I teach meditation as a part of the yoga sessions, it elicits a variety of responses. Some have questions, such as: “How long do I need to meditate?” “Would it conflict with my religion?” Others submit their own perceived limitations: “I can’t stay still.” “My mind is always full.” “I don’t have the time.” “I tried it but nothing happened.”

The Power of…

Passion for Writing

Welcome to “The Power of…” column – part of the Power Living® Empowerment Series. Since it’s inception in April 2003, Dr. Terri Kennedy has written over 70 editions.

Day 7: Eat to Live

So how was your first week? Do you understand the overview of the Five Principles in the book? How did you do with the Lifestyle Log? What about the PWR Moves? Don’t worry if you didn’t get to everything. The key is to begin to be more aware about your own habits. Now that we’re…