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DIVINE TIMING. Are you impatient with the Universe? Do you recognize divine timing in the events of your life? Life rarely happens in a precise, self-prescribed order, yet it usually happens right on time. Some time ago, after splitting with her boyfriend of six years, my sister declared that she was going to be happily single while she focused on running her computer software training company. And I truly believed she was. As she grew her business, marriage was the furthest thing from her mind. Eighteen months after her declaration, a former boyfriend, from 12 years past, took her completely by surprise and asked her to marry him. After getting over the initial shock, my sister began to date him again and ten months later they got married. The interesting note here is that he had asked her to marry him years ago when they first dated, but she did not feel they were ready. Now, after celebrating their second wedding anniversary, they agree that they did not have all the ingredients to make it work back then. If they had tried to hurry the divine chef, their relationship would probably have been half-baked! Today it’s just right.

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