Divine Timing

Divine Timing

“To everything there is a season,
a time for every Purpose under Heaven.”
- Eccleasiastes 3:1

DIVINE TIMING. Are you impatient with the Universe? Do you recognize divine timing in the events of your life?

Life rarely happens in a precise, self-prescribed order, yet it usually happens right on time.

Some time ago, after splitting with her boyfriend of six years, my sister declared that she was going to be happily single while she focused on running her computer software training company. And I truly believed she was. As she grew her business, marriage was the furthest thing from her mind. Eighteen months after her declaration, a former boyfriend, from 12 years past, took her completely by surprise and asked her to marry him. After getting over the initial shock, my sister began to date him again and ten months later they got married. The interesting note here is that he had asked her to marry him years ago when they first dated, but she did not feel they were ready. Now, after celebrating their second wedding anniversary, they agree that they did not have all the ingredients to make it work back then. If they had tried to hurry the divine chef, their relationship would probably have been half-baked! Today it’s just right.

In a world of extreme makeovers and instant messages, we have been conditioned to expect immediate results. Like spoiled children, we often get upset when things don’t happen according to our desired timetable. Some events may seem too early (we’re not ready to have a child now), or too late (I’ll miss this opportunity if the business deal doesn’t close right away). In reality, life rarely happens in a precise, self-prescribed order, yet it usually happens right on time. The Universe is here to support us, but it doesn’t follow the magic-wand principle (wave it and the fairy godmother delivers). Like fruit, certain things need to ripen, and life’s greatest joys are often the ones that are not charted. Having a long-term plan is necessary to achieve your life vision. However, it is important to realize that there may be some other items on the cosmic menu. When you open your eyes to this fundamental truth, you will partake in an even greater feast than what you could have imagined. The key is to be able to recognize and appreciate divine timing – working with it instead of blocking its flow.

Are you a partner with providence?

Sometimes your desires may not sync with your higher Purpose, or there may be some lessons for you to learn to help you mature spiritually. If you are feeling frustrated, don’t give up what’s in your heart. Instead, detach yourself from a perfect schedule, and become a partner with providence. You can aid the process by sowing the seed or delay it by complaining that the gardener quit! Instead of resisting the flow through procrastination and worrying, engage in active waiting by preparing yourself for that desired outcome. For example, if you are dreaming of starting your own business, begin to get your financial house in order. If you are yearning for the ideal mate, hone your own lifestyle habits. With practice the process actually becomes easier and you begin to trust that Thy Will Be Done is so much better than My Will Be Done! Why take the bus when your limo is coming?


  • Be Present. Instead of fretting about tomorrow, live your best life today. Your actions right now will have tremendous impact on your future.
  • Be teachable. If you feel blocked, look at your behavior and attitude and see if there is something that can be changed to release the flow. Always ask the question, “What can I learn from this?” Keep your eyes and ears open for direction.
  • Be persistent. You’re never too old or too young for what’s in your heart. If it serves your highest Purpose, it will come to pass – but maybe not in the form you originally thought. Continue to take conscious action and remain optimistic.
  • Be thankful. Every day, each one of us experiences the miracle of divine timing in our lives. Be grateful for synchronicity, from the little things (such as catching every green light getting you to your meeting early) to the bigger blessings (like bumping into the now-single love of your life after ten years!).


    Today, I appreciate divine timing.

    I recognize the Universe’s fingerprints on my affairs. I am thankful for the blessings that occur every day in my life. As I actively await my destiny, I am unconditioned by time and space.

    I understand that waiting demands patience, presence, trust, and persistence. Before declaring defeat, I pause and allow God to take over. I believe that no matter what happens all is working for my highest good.

    Today, I appreciate divine timing.

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