Plant Good Seeds

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As acclaimed yoga teacher David Swenson said, “The more we practice the more fertile we become, but it does not mean that we are spiritual. It just means we are fertile. The choices we make next are the seeds that we plant.”

What does it mean to be spiritual? There seem to be more and more people actively seeking self-realization. Perhaps it’s the “Oprah effect” or the rise of practices such as yoga and meditation. I had the treat of taking a workshop with David Swenson–one of the world’s foremost teachers of Ashtanga Yoga. From balancing on one hand to floating across the mat, he is a master of the physical postures and the subtleties of breath control. He also emphasizes the importance of “walking your talk” and carrying the wisdom you may be developing through self-study into your behavior. As you till the soil of your soul, plant good seeds. Notice how you are interacting with others on a daily basis. If you find yourself meditating on Sunday and then snapping at a co-worker on Monday, realign your energy. Use the benefits of heightened awareness to be more compassionate. Match good intent with conscious action. As you grow, lift others up. Make the “we” bigger than the “me,” and choose to be a positive force. The question David asked us to consider was, “Is the world a better place by your presence in it?”

Until next time, remember-it’s your divine life, live it to the fullest. The power is in your hands!

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Contributed by Teresa Kay-Aba Kennedy.

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