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As Jim Rohn said: “Either you run the day, or the day runs you.”

How well do you manage yourself? Your most important asset is your energy. It’s what you spend moment-to-moment to achieve your goals and live a fulfilling life. You can waste it by not having direction and running in circles, or you can invest it by setting intention and creating winning habits. So, run the day. Focus your mental energy only on the things that matter and “single-task” to optimize concentration. Fuel your physical energy with nutrient-dense foods and strategic exercise. Engage your emotional energy with positive people and guard against draining interactions. Charge your spiritual energy with daily reflection and frequent doses of joy. Align your environmental energy by operating in a clutter-free, oxygen-rich space. If you consciously harness your energy along all five Power Living® dimensions, you will optimize your time and cross the finish line with a smile!

Until next time, remember–it’s your divine life, live it to the fullest. The power is in your hands!

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Written and designed by Teresa Kay-Aba Kennedy. Read more Dose of Power Living. For information on syndication email

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