Today, I Am Limitless


Tune your mind with one-minute Power Living® Mini-Escapes. I shot this from a private jet going from China to Japan. There were less than twelve of us on board, including the pilots. The ride was a treat and it was incredible to witness – with such clarity – the sea of white clouds. That sight always amazes me when I fly and, this time, I had the full freedom to videotape. That inspired me to write this piece. I hope you enjoy it. To release its power, say the affirmation out loud. Join me for a Mini-Escape…


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Today I Am Limitless.

Today, I am limitless.
I see infinite possibilities.
I fly on the wings of grace above negative influences.
Minor turbulence does not affect me.
As I inhale, I claim my greatness.
As I exhale, I let obstacles float away.
I feel free to pursue my dreams.
Today, I am limitless.

Photo Credit/Contributed by Teresa Kay-Aba Kennedy. Part of the Power Living® Empowerment Series.

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