Learn the Language of the Eyes


Learn the Language of the Eyes
How would you like to “read” people’s eyes? Pick up non-verbal clues, and be aware of what your eyes are saying, with the following signs:

* Direct eye contact usually indicates honesty when speaking and attentiveness when listening.
* Eyes looking right indicate the brain is creating or imagining… perhaps guessing or lying.
* Eyes looking left indicate the brain is recalling, remembering or retrieving facts.
* Dilated pupils, or enlarged eyes, can indicate attraction or desire.
* Frequent blinking could be a sign of excitement or nervousness.
* Infrequent blinking may mean the person is trying to control eye movements (e.g. poker face).

Direct eye contact is best in the U.S. and Europe, but in some cultures (e.g. Asian and African) it can be rude and a sign of disrespect depending on age, gender or job status.

Extra Tip: Break eye contact every 5 seconds to avoid a hard stare.

Contributed by Teresa Kay-Aba Kennedy. Part of the Power Living® Empowerment Series.

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