Use Mnemonics to Remember


Use Mnemonics to Remember
How would you like to remember things better? Use the ancient “art of memory” known as mnemonics. Below are some techniques:

* Rhymes – such as how to spell words like receive as “I before E, except after C.”
* Chunking – breaking info. into smaller chunks, e.g. a 10-digit phone number into 212-765-9002.
* Visual Image – associate image with a word, e.g. woman in a wedding dress for “Mary.”
* Acronym – creating a word from the first letters of words you want to remember, e.g. FACE for letters of the treble clef notes.
* Method of Loci – imagine placing what you want to remember in specific locations, e.g. water bottle in the gym, cereal in the kitchen.

Use all of your senses (e.g. smell, color, texture, sound) when trying to remember something and/or make an association.

Extra Tip: Rewriting something can help imprint it on the brain.

Contributed by Teresa Kay-Aba Kennedy. Part of the Power Living® Empowerment Series.

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