HBS Reunion

Terri Kennedy, Barrie Moskowitz, Marco Bini's girl

THE BUZZ: From May 31st – June 3rd 2012, I attended my 20th Reunion at Harvard Business School. I can’t believe it’s been that long! Please note that I skipped a couple of grades and was the youngest in my class. :)

I get a wave of nostalgia being in Boston. It is so beautiful. I went running along the Charles River in the mornings and walked to campus from my hotel – which was a few miles. During the day, we had learning presentations. One highlight was classmate Keith Ferazzi’s presentation, “Who’s Got Your Back: Building Relationships for Success in Life.” He is a stellar speaker and his philosophy is very aligned with Power Living.

Our class gala was held at the new Moakley Courthouse near the waterfront. Even though it was raining, the views were wonderful. The food was also surprisingly good, as were my dance partners! People seemed much more relaxed than previous reunions – probably because we were each much more comfortable in our own skin. It was a delight seeing so many kids running around. Maybe at our 25th, I’ll have a toddler in tow.

During our closing brunch, we conducted a live survey. What stood out for me is that as a class we would choose love over money… but we still want to make more money. That’s pretty funny – though I would agree. All in all, it was simply incredible seeing so many old-time friends. We all seemed to have aged quite gracefully!

Robyn Persaud, Mark Persaud, Terri Kennedy, John Rhea, Tiffany Hall, Rawn Williams

Bloomberg/Baker Library at Harvard Business School

Boathouse and Charles River

Oliver Kwon, Terri Kennedy, Mark Persaud

Dawn Davis and Terri Kennedy

Elaine Pommells, Kim Lew, Terri Kennedy

Terri Kennedy, Loly Hlade, Susan Pieper-Bailey

Vincent Martelli, Michael Lang, Terri Kennedy

Yumi Kuwana, Nija Majmudar Meyer, Anna Park Song, Terri Kennedy

Terri Kennedy and Maryanne Cataldo