Flying High


I travel a lot and always seem to be on a plane.

I see some people get on board and then break out a book, put on headphones, start snacking or go to sleep.
They never really look outside. The shades go down for the movie and that’s it!

However, when you open your eyes and take a sneak out of the window, you can really take in some wonders.
I now make it a habit to take in the view.

We just took off from JFK airport in New York on the way to Rio and I was looking out of the window onto the shoreline of Long Island. I could actually see the curvature of the Earth. It may sound funny but I rarely think about living on a round planet.

As we were crossing the country, this is what came to mind:

I can see the world as round
10,000 feet off the ground.
The curvature of the Earth
confirms for me a Divine birth.

Flying through the sky
seeing clouds pass by
I ask questions, like “Why?
Why don’t we fall?”

A perfect set of laws
suspending us on this great ball -
gravity, temperature, light,
so many things have to be right.

I feel the sun on my face
as we float through space.
A family of mountains below
covered with trees and snow.
Nature at its best;
people as simply guests.

How did we invent this machine
that takes us through the air?
It must have been inspiration
from a Universe that dares
for each being to reach his potential
to climb higher each day
to fly and soar like birds and planes
to accomplish anything the mind can claim.

It’s time now to touch down,
plant my feet on solid ground.
My ears pop.
Music must stop.
Coming down from on high,
until the next time I fly.

Photo and story by Teresa Kay-Aba Kennedy, Ph.D., MBA.

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