Efficient Exercise

Woman Exercising

Woman Exercising

Dear Dr. Terri K: I have 20 pounds to lose and I have not exercised for a long time. What is the best way to start? – CINDI, New Jersey

Cindi: First, congratulations on wanting to take control of your health! Here are some basic guidelines to get you started:

  • Check with your doctor. Since you have been inactive for awhile, let your doctor know about your intention to exercise and the type you choose. Get a baseline of your numbers, such as weight, blood pressure, blood cholesterol, blood glucose and waist circumference.
  • Start slow. Pick a timeframe and intensity level that feels right for you. Then, increase your exercise gradually, about 5 minutes a week until you reach at least 30 minutes each session.
  • Be consistent. Schedule the time into your calendar. Stick to it. You may exercise with a partner for support.
  • Go for low-impact. To avoid injury and stress on the joints, choose a low-impact form of exercise such as walking, swimming or biking. Also, add more movement to your routine activity, e.g. use the stairs instead of the elevator.
  • Make water your drink of choice. Drink a minimum of eight 8 oz. glasses of water a day. Water can help control your appetite and works as a cleansing agent for your body.
  • Listen to your body. Set reasonable goals. If you feel like you’re going to faint, ease up. Push past your comfort zone, but not to the point of pain.

    It all starts with the Power of Choice. Today, make the choice to commit to life. You can make it happen. Start Power Living® Today!

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    Written by Teresa Kay-Aba Kennedy, Ph.D., MBA. Part of the Power Living® Empowerment Series.

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