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Cooking at Home

Cooking at Home

PWR TIP: Do you want to be healthy, wealthy and wise? Minimize your risk for disease as you maximize what’s in your wallet with these money-saving tips.

  • Prepare your own meals. Eating out can increase your waistline as well as put a dent in your savings. Plan your menus for the week and take one day to cook the basics such as baked chicken, pasta, chili and soup. Then, supplement the core hot meals with fresh veggies every day.
  • Use a water filtration system. Instead of buying bottles of water, invest in a water filtration system and a reusable water bottle. This can save you almost $1,500 a year and help save the environment.
  • Exercise at home or outside. If you find your gym membership is going to waste, give it up. Instead take up walking or running, and do some yoga and/or basic calisthenics at home.
  • Pack snacks. Make your own trail mix. Pop your own popcorn. Make your own fruit plate. By creating your own snacks, you can control your calories and cut down on the bad fats.
  • Buy staples in bulk. Once a month, make a run to the bargain store for staples such as brown rice and paper towels. You will also save on gas by minimizing your trips to the store.
  • Join a food co-op or CSA. Get fresh organic fruits and vegetables and reasonable prices by joining a co-op or buying a share in a Community Supported Agriculture program.
  • Make your coffee or tea at home. Instead of going to Starbucks, brew your own coffee at home – or better yet, switch to green tea.
  • Cut the vices. Smoking and drinking alcohol drain your health as well as your wallet. If you usually head out drinking with friends, throw a house party instead (see below). If you smoke, stop. You will save your life, as well as almost $3,000 a year if you have a pack-a-day habit. Add a savings of another $3,000 a year if you cut out a daily cocktail or six-pack a beer.
  • Hold a “dinner and a movie” party. Hold a potluck party once a week with friends. It will cut down on your entertainment bill and boost your social network. Decide on a healthy menu, pool your resources and have fun. Instead of alcohol, make smoothies!

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