Day 1: Take Stock

Welcome to 40 Days to Power Living! Are you ready to transform your life? Every day, I’ll be providing reminders for those who are going through the 40-Day program. This is also the space for you to post questions and comments. It’s helpful to have the book, 40 Days to Power Living: Think, Eat & Live on Purpose, to follow along.

Be sure to sign the Commit to Life Contract on page 15. Then, take a deep breath and congratulate yourself for making this commitment. Remember – commitment is a series of choices, not a one time thing. So don’t let this process stress you out. If you miss a day, then go back and do the assignment. Some people read through the entire book and then start the exercises. Do what works for you. Find a quiet space that is conductive to reflection. It’s hard to think when there are distractions. If your home is noisy, you may go outside to a park or lock yourself away in the bathroom.

Power Living is about taking control of your life. The first step toward any change is self-awareness – so we’re going to start there. As you go through the Reality Check starting on page 23, be as honest as possible about what’s in your heart and where you are right now. This is hard work, but it’s the best work you’ll ever do! Also, you may not come up with the answers right away (unless you are already enlightened). In fact, I recommend reflecting on the Three Core Questions every morning to find more and more clarity. This is your life. It’s time to start living it… fully! As Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. said:

Take the first step in faith. You don’t have to see the whole staircase, take the first step.

With Purpose & Power,